Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TUTORIAL ~ Flowers and Leaves made with dies

Ok Everyone!!  Here is the tutorial on how I made the flowers and leaves from yesterdays card.  Here is the card again.

FLOWERS:  used the scallop die from My Creative Time.

Cut several scallop circles.  You will need one scallop for each flower.

 Cut between every other scallop to the center.  This will make it look like hearts. 
 Now cut a little sliver off between each heart.  You will see there is a little piece that needs to be cut.  This makes them look like perfect hearts and give room between each heart to look more like individual petals.  Now you can curl each heart under and add a center and you have a complete flower.
 If you want more of a daisy flower you now cut each heart down the center.  And then cut a sliver off each daisy petal so there is a bit of a gap between the petals.  Curl the daisy petals under and add a center.  These flowers are beautiful with the edges inked!
 Here is a pic of the two bottom flowers curled under.  I left the top one flat so you could see the difference.
LEAVES:  I used the curly label die from My Creative Time.
Cut off both sides.  You can discard the middle.
Now cut from the pointed corner to the middle just above the point on the opposite side.  Do this on the top and bottom of the label for each side.  One label will make 2 leaves.
Discard the middle and keep the top and bottom. 
This is what it looks like plain.
And this is inked with Tim Holtz tea dye distressed ink.  I LOVE the way it gives the look of a vein through the leave.  Now when glueing your leaves together you want to concentrate on the tip.  Make sure each tip meets. 
Now use your fingers to shape the leaf.  The bottom part is more of a base to glue under your flowers.
I am so super proud of this card.  I have been trying to look at my dies to see different ways to use them.  You could also use this technique with your cricut cuts.  I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment!
Thanks so much for stopping by and happy crafting!!


  1. Wow luv the flowers but how on earth did you think of a leaf when you looked at that die? Terrific and so much better than a leaf punch. Thank you for sharing!


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