Friday, June 29, 2012

Organizing with Stampin Up stamp containers ~Buttons~

Hi Everyone!  I found all of these Stampin Up containers at a school rummage sale.  I didn't need the wooden blocks but wanted the containers to use to store my craft stuff in my jetmax cubes.

There were several different sizes.  And if you are wondering YES I got all they had!!  You can never have too many containers!
These containers fit perfectly in the jetmax cubes.  I am going to show you how I am now storing my buttons in these containers.  I have a container for each color.  I need one more of the small containers to fit across perfectly. 
 Here is a close up of the drawer of button containers.  I LOVE how I can open the drawer and see exactly what is in the containers.
 Here is a close up of the pink button container.   When I want a button, I just pull out the container and I can see through it and turn it upside down to see if I have the right size/color button I need.
 Here is the jetmax cube I store them in.  It holds 11 of this size (4 1/2' x 3 3/8') Stampin up container.  And you still have tons of room in the drawer for other items.
I LOVE recycling/reusing items.  I hope you will stop by on Monday and see what other items I have stored in these fabulous containers!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!

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  1. What a great idea. Hopefully you can figure out something to use those wooden blocks for because I have a few of those sitting around collecting dust. There must me something.


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