Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ribbon and Twine Storage Tip

Hi Everyone!  Linda over at Paper Boutique is having an organizing tip contest.  I wanted to share a favorite organizing tip with everyone.  This is how I organize and store my ribbon and twine.  I store them in my Jetmax cubes (with dividers) from Michaels.  I found this tip on the cricut messageboard and LOVE it.  It is a super super space saver.  I wrap my ribbon on 3x3 chipboard (I use the back of the paper stacks).  Make sure you wrap it loosely so you don't have creases in your ribbon when you unroll it.  I also use another drawer (with dividers) to store my scrap ribbon.  This has saved me a TON of space and time.  I am not sorting through all my ribbon to find what I need.  I just open a drawer and I can see all the ribbon and colors.  It is also a great way to show when you are running low on a color and need to buy more.   I buy the clear (500 ct) hair bands from the dollar tree to hold the ribbon securely.
 Close up of the ribbon.  You can also wrap more than one style of ribbon on a card.
 My scrap drawer.  It is easy to see all my scraps and easy to remove and replace.

 This is my twine.  It already came wrapped on this chipboard and it fits nicely in the dividers.
I hope you all have enjoyed my tip and hope it is helpful to you!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!!


  1. I don't have jetmax cubes, but I love your idea! TFS!

    aka cyimbugbitten

  2. That is a GREAT IDEA!!!! and inexpensive ... THANKS!!!


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