Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How I organize my Buttons and Odds & Ends

Hi Everyone!!  I wanted to share with you another way I organize my craft space.  Today I am going to share how I store my buttons and odds & ends.  I purchased these little containers at Michaels.  They were sold with the jetmax cubes and I believe you got 5 or 6 containers in a package.  I recently went back to purchase more and they didn't have anymore.  I sure hope they did not discontinue them.  I LOVE them because the lids screw on!!
 I don't have a whole lot of buttons so I have other items stored in the containers like googly eyes, jingle bells, large brads, and other odds & ends. 
 I have a container for each color button.  I LOVE them because when I open the drawer, I can see everything through the clear tops.
Here is a close up of the container.  These are clear plastic.
 If you are unable to find these containers at Michaels or online, you could use any containers you can find.  I just LOVE having them in one of my jetmax drawers and I can see everything I have when I open the drawer!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!!

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  1. What a wonderful storage tip! I am always looking for ways to get my craftroom organized!


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